2008 Forrest Estate Rose Marlborough

  • 2008 Forrest Estate Rose  Marlborough
    2008 Forrest Estate Rose Marlborough
    Adnams Cellar & Kitchen
    Adnams Cellar & Kitchen
    Ros eacute Wine
    The story of the Forrest Rose starts 20 years ago, when John set out to make his first wine which was intended to be a Cabernet Sauvignon. However when his cellar hand at the time attached the hose on the wrong tank, he managed to blow all the skins straight through the top, leaving no chance of making a full bodied red wine. After only one day of maceration and the must showing a lovely pink colour, John looked at his winemaking notes and decided to make a Rose from the disaster that had occurred. The wine was cool fermented, to enhance fruit and aromatic character and labelled Rose/Blush. It later that year won John and Brigid their first gold medal, which was definitely a sign of things to come. The Forrest Rosé is a blend of three grape varieties - Pinot Noir, Malbec and Syrah. All were grown in the Wairau River Valley on stony/gravely/sandy soils. These warm, free-draining and devigorating sites help to produce red grapes with small berries, a high skin to juice ratio and full fla
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