2008 Chardonnay Gouguenheim

  • 2008 Chardonnay  Gouguenheim
    2008 Chardonnay Gouguenheim
    Adnams Cellar & Kitchen
    Adnams Cellar & Kitchen
    White Wine
    This oak-aged Chardonnay is one of the finest we've tasted from Argentina, with buttery aromas, a touch of citrus, and elegant oak. We also think it's great with sesame chicken. Mendoza leading light Susana Balbo crafted it from the impeccable fruit of Patricio Gouguenheim's 'Valle Escondido' ('Hidden Valley') vineyards in high, cool Tupungato, where grape-growing conditions are just about perfect. Doubly-rewarding for her; she'd urged him to invest his inheritance there in the first
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